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Sirih Merah(Piperis Folium) be one of scarce crop and is kingdom’s crop in java island, which at epoch formerly only applied by circle Kingdom only. Besides respecting for ornamental plant, this crop believed brings happiness, and can heal multifarious kinds of internal disease. This plant also has epithet THE HERBAL KING.
In Sirih Merah leaf contained some compounds capable to pursue and breaks all kinds of internal disease, some of them are Flavonoid, Polevanolad, Alkaloid, Tannin and Atsiri oil. Flavonoid Compound, Polevanolad is anticancer compound, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiseptic and anti inflammation. Alkaloid Compound has antineoplastic function that works to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Sirih Merah (Piperis Folium) benefit:
In the middle of back to nature era, proved that Sirih Merah can stand as component of main standard of beauty product. It seems that Sirih Merah can be allied with other natural material, like olive, carrot, avocado, pure milk, honey, cucumber, lime, fruits and organic vegetable.
Sirih Merah makes healthy and makes skin look good at the same time. More than anything else it has fresh fragrance, Sirih Merah herb cosmetic, Sirih Merah (Piperis Folium) herb tea and this Sirih Merah extract capsule produced greatly with standard quality and special quality which able to be justified.
Its decoction water containing antiseptic applied for nut to take care of mouth cavity health, besides earning also used to clean femininity organ and unpalatable aroma. Besides having the character of antiseptic like green piper, Sirih Merah also able to be used to cure diabetes, cancer, inflammation, hypertension, hepatitis, heart attack and stroke, hemorrhoid and all internal disease. If it is extracted into herb tea it can cure uric acid, high blood, diabetes, maag, or fatigue. " I have proved myself," says Bambang Sudewa from Klinik Herbal Center ( KHC), Yogyakarta, is recovering from diabetes because regularly chew Sirih Merah and now produces it becomes herb tea.
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A few tips for therapy:

* Bosom cancer
Takes 6 Sirih Merah leaf sheets, and 4 glasses of water. Braise with small fire until 2 glasses ( mixed honey + lime so that not too bitter) drink decoction water of the Sirih Merah .

*Diabetes mellitus
Takes 3 Sirih Merah leaf sheets, and 4 glasses of water. Braise with small fire until it remains 2 glasses (mixed honey + lime so that not too bitter) drink decoction water of the Sirih Merah .

* Coroner Heart and chafes Prostate
Takes 6 Sirih Merah leaf sheets, and 4 glasses of water. Braise with small fire until it remains 2 glass (mixed honey + lime so that not too bitter) drink decoction water of the Sirih Merah .

* Uric acid
Takes 7 Sirih Merah leaf sheets, and 4 glasses of water. Braise with small fire until it remains 2 glasses (mixed honey + lime so that not too bitter) drink decoction water of the Sirih Merah .


* Sri Widarti ( 27), Indonesia, java. Experiences hemorrhage and in medication for a few days in hospital. During treatment in the hospital, simply there is no change utterly. Then her husband gives her decoction water of Sirih Merah and inscrutably only within three days drinks decoction water of the Sirih Merah she directly recovers total so that the hospital which is in charge of her medication also surprised sees the development.

* MrX ( 30), of Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia, which do not want his name to be mentioned says that He orders his wife to drink decoction water of Sirih Merah leaf to cure her femininity organ. And simply its delicate gone, special quality from decoction water of Sirih Merah leaf also can help the femininity organ to function as a good as before.


Sirih Merah crop prefer to grow in shading. For example, under a big tree leaves. It can also thrive in place having cool atmosphere. This crop only needs 60 - 75 % sunlight, by growing in shading, its leaf will grow wider. The beautiful maroon soon can be seen when the leaf is returned. Its bar is also grows bigger. If it gets to much sunshine, the bar is quickly runs dry. On the contrary if it gets too much water the root and bar will decay quickly.
Sirih Merah archenemy are snail, small edible snail, and ant. If its leaf will be used as drug, shall don't apply pesticide to kill the pest. What is clear is that you must get rid the pest soon. When watering, be careful not to use water from the dam or the river. This water contains small animals which are able to destroy crops.

Ways of cultivating Sirih Merah :

* Steck

For you who wish to try plants Sirih Merah , try by the way of cutting. This way is easiest for beginner:

1. Provide plant cutting media in the form of soil; land; ground, sand, and compost. The comparison of soil; land; ground, sand and compost is 3:1:3. Pack it into polybag which is having diameter 10 cm which its bottom have been made hole.

2. Choose Sirih Merah bar which have been striped.

3. Cut the Sirih Merah bar about two internodes. Do it carefully. It would be better if we choose the bar that already has 2 - 3 leaf sheets.

4. Soaked the bar cutting into water for about 15 minutes then lift it.

5. Put the cutting into planting media which have been provided.

6. Lay down the cutting which has been planted in shading. At about 60 % of sunshine.

* Cutting

Cutting results more maximum compared to steck. After four weeks, 95 % of cutting has rooted and ready to be cut for soon carried over in pot desired. Cutting for Sirih Merah , of course do not must by slitting it. Mean while bar cutting, like guava or mango, done by the way of slitting the bar.

Before starting the cutting, the first step is to prepare fairish plastic cutting 15x15 centimeters. Then prepare also plastic string or raffia along the length of 20 centimeters. Planting media which will be utilized to transplant Sirih Merah in general is soil; land; ground, sand and compost with comparison 3:1:3. This media is better if given a few water that easy to patch in the Sirih Merah bar.
Next, form the planting media into circle which is having diameter around 4 centimeters. It would be better to choose Sirih Merah selectively. It must be healthy and having leaf fresh. Leaves over 4 until 5 pieces from sprout and bar cutting of the sixth internodes from tip of bar. If we like to make cutting again in the same bar, space out three from the first cutting. So further " Number of cutting suggested at most three fruits in one crops, if more than three fruits is causing the susceptible crop underside bar and light," he said.

* Bent down

The process of this model approximately equal with the first one. First time which must be drawn up is choose the main bar. Propagation by the way of Bent down bar doesn't require packer plastic. Bent down bar requires having diameter small pots 20 centimeters align is in line with distance 10 centimeters. The pots then are filled with planting media which has ready to be cultivated. Ideally, Sirih Merah bar which Bent down would have had sucker along the length of 1, 5 until 2 meters.

Put down main bar chamber pots on the left and flung out long Sirih Merah bar of dextrose of precise above the pots. Plant joint bar rooting into pots which have been align with depth of 3 until 4 centimeters. Next, on the top of bar internodes cover with planting media. So further until the leaf internodes are fully buried. This cultivation takes place until three weeks. Usually after passing third week, cutting can be done because the root is growing downward into 3 until 4 centimeters and very possible to be able to live.
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Crop Ready to Harvest:

The crops ready to harvest are at about 4 month long. At that moment, Sirih Merah consists of 16 to 20 leaves. At that moment leaf have been relative of wide, with length 15 to 20 cm. Leaf ready to pluck must age 1 month, cleanness, and lustrous color. Leaf plucked age medium, not young or overage, because the active substance at the high rate.

Fairish fertile leaf is having 10 cm and 5 cm wide. If held, leaf felt thick and rigid. Increasingly foliage color stripper, increasingly thick. Increasingly leaf thick, increasingly rigid. The leaf aroma is keen and the taste is bitter. In as of week of crop once, but if the crops is leafy it can be harvested every day. Avoids pluck leaf hit by soil splashing; land; ground, especially when the rain season comes.

Picking started from undercarriage crop towards the upwards leaf is plucked around 60 cm from soil; land; ground surface, with a purpose to minimize if (there are) any patching dirt or dirt. If leaf is plucked around 10 cm from soil; land; ground surface, it dirt is too much so that it is less good to crop. Increasingly often leaf is harvested, increasingly the bud grows. Picking better at morning so at 1100. If plucked in the evening, pursues draining process. Picking with keen knife and sterile.
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After harvest

Having plucked, leaf is sorted with quality standard: cleanness leaf, fresh, thick, and lustrous. Dirty leaf, handicap, and matt thrown. Leaf soaked in water for about 15-30 minutes to clean patching dirt and dirt. Then is rinsed finite of cleanness, and leak.

The next step of leaf is cut with the knife which is clean, sterile, and sharp. Slice wide around 1 cm, direct is dried out in flat surface having pallet paper for about 1 hour. The cut which has run dry 60% covered with black cloth of transparent to avoid dirt, insect, or possibility blown by the wind.

After drought, put the leaf into transparent thick plastic bag. When needed give silica gel to permeate water content. Cover the bag closely, give label, and date of drought. Then keep it in clean place, not humid, and easy to be reached, for example glass jar. In this way quality of Sirih Merah is guarantied for one year. When will consume, take the cut of dried Sirih Merah about 34 sheets, and braise so boiling. Drink after the decoction cold and through filtering.
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This vegetation is obliged to be owned by each every family in all the world.
For friends Nursery wish to own it, please contact me in:

ukaya_123@yahoo.co.id OR
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